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What can we do to watch the city?

Lots of bad things happen when we don’t think or when we’re worried we might hurt someone’s feelings. Planning ahead, being bold and learning to act on your intuition can save lifetimes of pain.

Years ago when I first started raising chickens I lost an entire flock after 20 weeks to a band of hungry raccoons. After killing them and posting their skins on the barn as a warning, I buttoned up my chicken pen with barbed wire so tight I dared anything to try that again. But after raising a new flock I nearly lost them all to an ever worse band of Austrian Roof rats. They were inside the barn and protected behind the barbed wire. I learned I needed to protect my little egg-laying beauties from without and within. This is what we all must do with our children when it comes to sexual abuse. Continue reading

viet nam wounded

It’s Not a “struggle” or an “issue”; it’s Sin

The Viet Cong were a wise and ruthless adversary.  Their guerrilla warfare tactics will continue to be studied by those teaching combat for years to come.

One of their more brutal but effective plans was to set thousands of explosive mines for their enemies. Explosives designed not to kill but to maim. The legacy of US Viet Nam War Veterans who lost legs and arms in the aftermath of these diabolical devices is evidence of their effectiveness. Continue reading