Big Things Happened at my House Today

Big things happened at my house today. I’ve lived enough life around things like this to know.

Today was a day we will all remember and mark as a day the kingdom of God advanced and new ground was taken for our King and country.

My 10-year-old son Benjamin is the hero of this story.

It started like any other day here at the Robinette household, but little did I know the deep stirrings taking place within my son as we sat down together and began our day with a steaming bowl of oatmeal he helped make for our crew of nine.

Knowing what I know now, it must have taken all his powers of self control to hold him back as he waited through, cleanup, family worship and schoolwork.

I did however notice his deliberate looks out the window at the new six-inch layer of snow we’d gotten the night before.

Helping them plan for their lives’ work I had been teaching my children that “success” is when preparation meets opportunity.

God in his grace had provided an incredible opportunity in the snow and Benjamin intended to take full advantage of it, no matter who else was with him.

Once Benjamin was given permission to act, powered snow made it look like he was jet propelled.


Armed with a snow shovel and inspired by the spirit of an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Benjamin advanced across the road in front of our house and it was on in an instant.

Seconds after speaking to our neighbor his lone shovel went into action and a call from one of my daughters who was watching out the window went through the house like a battle cry.

“He got it, He got the job!!”

In the next few seconds three sets of snow pants shot out the front door. In the excitement his older brother came to his aid without a second shovel, but he was there.

My two oldest girls found one shovel between them and they were soon at his side. They were poorly armed but inspired by the boldness of their brother.

During the next few hours i brought a couple more shovels and kept them supplied with a warm van a little advice. But for the first time my children had tasted victory “TOGETHER.”

This victory smelled like $117.00 AND AWAKENED DREAMS OF other THINGS THEY COULD DO “together.”

That is a song that is music to my ears.


To see unity, purpose and progress in action in my children is much more than I could have hoped for when I awoke this morning.

Three cheers for our hero! Benj the bold, Benj the brave and benj The Mighty!”

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