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Killing with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is probably the most well-known modern woman who cooks and keeps a lovely home these days, problem is, there’s no one left “Living” at her home to cook for but the camera men. Martha, in addition to running her own show and magazine, has also managed to run off her husband and children. I’m not really trying to be too hard on her, she is doing just what most anyone who is famous and rich today would find admirable. She works hard, demands perfection of herself and others and puts out a good product. Continue reading


Life – No Game

The Lord’s Day at Foundation Church is always a blessing to my children. To them, and to us, it is indeed the Queen of days. They love to hear God’s word, sing, pray, eat the bread and drink the wine and spend the rest of the day with dozens of their best friends. Most Sundays several families come to our home from the community center where we meet and we eat some more, talk some more and play games. Continue reading


Don’t Let Them In!!!

I never understood why a large corporation like Nike would pay Tiger Woods $40 Million to basically wear a hat with their logo on it. I tried, but for a while I just couldn’t figure it out. The math just wouldn’t add up. My thinking went something like this. Two million people see Woods wearing his Nike hat during the Memorial Tournament, of that two million, so many would buy a hat. I even tried to figure how much profit they could make from each hat. On and on I went down the line trying to understand the economics of the whole thing. No matter how many ways I figured it, there was no way this could be the reason they paid him that much to wear their brand. It may sound silly to you, but that’s how my brain works. Continue reading


The World Is Blind

The world is blind, deaf, devoid of touch and smell, and at their core, dark-hearted and desperate. They stumble where we should be stepping higher and stagger where we are called to march. Where we hear music they hear noise and where there is an aroma of wisdom and life they imagine foolishness and smell death. Their deepest sentiments are deceitful and desperately wicked and their intentions are rooted in lust and pride. Ultimately we know we live in a world where the blind are leading the blind headlong to their destruction. Even though we know this, we are tempted to follow them too. Continue reading


Burma Missionary Work – History

The first missionary to come to Burma and stay was also the first protestant missionary sent from America to any foreign field. His name was Adonriam Judson. Pastor Naing Thang of Yangon is building on what Judson started.

In the summer of 1788 in a small colonial town, a minister and his wife were blessed with their firstborn son. Here, from this city of firsts, Malden Massachusetts, the Kingdom of God would boast a greater first for the expansion of the Gospel on the golden shores of an exotic land. Continue reading

john calvin

Grace Preaching

Hear the words of this preacher.

In all thy preaching, preach grace.

Preach grace; preach God’s glorious unmerited favor. Forget her not: neither decline from the words of God’s mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee from another gospel: love her and she shall keep thee from offering another Christ. Grace is the principal thing, therefore preach his undeserving love. And with all thy preaching, preach grace. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Estranged Brother or Sister

Dear brother,

May this letter somehow by God’s grace reach you behind enemy lines.

I’ve wanted to talk to you for a long time and now that you have this letter my hope is renewed.

It has been years, but my wife still dreams troubling dreams about you and your children. Their sad faces call out to her as you lead them away from her, wondering why you were ripped from all our lives. When she shares her dreams with me, we end up having to talk through it all over again. The dream wasn’t real but the loss, O how real it is for all of us. Continue reading