Don’t Let Them In!!!

I never understood why a large corporation like Nike would pay Tiger Woods $40 Million to basically wear a hat with their logo on it. I tried, but for a while I just couldn’t figure it out. The math just wouldn’t add up. My thinking went something like this. Two million people see Woods wearing his Nike hat during the Memorial Tournament, of that two million, so many would buy a hat. I even tried to figure how much profit they could make from each hat. On and on I went down the line trying to understand the economics of the whole thing. No matter how many ways I figured it, there was no way this could be the reason they paid him that much to wear their brand. It may sound silly to you, but that’s how my brain works.

Why on earth would anyone pay so much for what could never pay off? The answer is, nobody would. It does pay off, literally. It must. Large Corporations like Nike don’t become what they are by making poor investments. So how does it work? It works in a way we would never discover using math but we might if we studied how our memory works. Studying this, the advertisers learned a little trick most of us don’t know, and if we do we find it hard to believe.

But believe it, because it’s true. Understanding this can help us understand the power others can have over us and our families. They have the power to influence us without us having any idea how it happened. It’s like magic.

A man who visited our church many years ago, told me I had visited him 79 times before he agreed to come. Not only had he kept track of how many times I visited, but the number of minutes I stayed each time. He said he did this because he had seen a special on Television the evening before my first visit. It was about how easy was for someone to brainwash you. The reporter had said it only takes about “20 minutes.” The man said he kept a close eye on the clock while I was there and was sure to end the visit at just the right time, to make sure I didn’t brain wash him.

Ok, I’m not saying it works as simple as that, but it’s not that far off.

Here’s how it does work. Our eyes and our brain work together like a computer and monitor. Our brain saves a lot of information about the things we see a lot so when we look at them we don’t have to focus on them. Our brains fill in what our eyes don’t have to look at.

When we do a “double take” we prove what I’m saying? We see something we weren’t expecting and immediately our head jerks back, our eyes open wider and we might even shake our heads. What we’re doing is shaking off what our brain has filled in as normal and now we can see what is really in front of us, something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

This is the same principle used in many magic tricks and other optical illusions. They trick us by knowing what our brain is filling in and putting it back faster than we can see them do it. Advertisers work the same way, only they show us something so many times, when we don’t see it, it just doesn’t look right.

Once we see a Nike swoosh on something enough times, it doesn’t look right without it. So the hat, the shoe, the golf bag, looks more normal with the logo than without it. This is serious power.

No one needs to tell us something is normal or good before we begin to feel we know it is. It’s just like the image in our heads. We’ve watched this happen to others and wondered how it happened. No one had to say homosexuality was normal. See enough homosexuals playing normal roles long enough they become the new normal. Changes we never believed we’d see have come to pass in the world around us. But know this is how they’ll change your family too, if you’re not careful. Don’t let them in. We determine what is normal in the eyes of our families by what we put before them. Make a covenant with your eyes and the eyes of your children, and don’t let them in.

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