Killing with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is probably the most well-known modern woman who cooks and keeps a lovely home these days, problem is, there’s no one left “Living” at her home to cook for but the camera men. Martha, in addition to running her own show and magazine, has also managed to run off her husband and children. I’m not really trying to be too hard on her, she is doing just what most anyone who is famous and rich today would find admirable. She works hard, demands perfection of herself and others and puts out a good product.

I’ve had the opportunity lately of being able to talk with several families looking for a new church home. So many use the exact same words about the places they visit, I thought it worth mentioning.

After fumbling over a few thoughts and making a few funny faces as they remember their experiences, they all say, there’s something missing. After trying for a while to convey what they think is missing they usually come up with the word “Life.” There’s no life where there should be “life, more abundantly.”

C.S. Lewis once drew attention to the fact that when we dissect something, we kill it. The word of God is living. It’s messages food for the hearers. It is desirable milk for babes and maturing meat for those growing to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

If we truly love the Savior, let us feed His sheep something they can eat. Let our words of encouragement, admonition and let our sermons be food for our people. Let it be food that produces growth in our hearers and not so much a “good product.”  James tells us all to be doers of the word, so let us remember to take the time to teach them something they can do. The writer of Hebrews tells us the way for baby Christians to grow to maturity is they must be able to practice what’s been preached. May God give us wisdom to teach our saints something they can practice.  This is how God says maturing growth comes. Speaking the truth in love, we will begin to see maturing individuals fitly joined together growing into an holy habitation of God in the Spirit.

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