In 2012 we were introduced to Jacque and Cloris Teguel who are working among the muslim community in Dakar, a city in the western-African country of Senegal. With the offering we were blessed to give, we were able to help the Teguel family with a new gas stove, a set of living room furniture, regular monthly support as well as funds to visit Dakar in early 2013. We are all so excited about what God is doing in Dakar. Our friends at St. Peter Presbyterian  Church in Virginia lead us to the Teguels, who they also support, and we will be working together to further this inner-city ministry.

The Teguels are from Camaroon and felt called to leave their country and bring the Gospel to this area which is 95% Muslim. They currently have a small group of believers who meet with them each week and we pray God would make them fruitful in all their work.

To the right are some photos of Jacques and Cloris – their old cook top and their new stove as well as their old couch and their new living room set.